Weatherford New Steel Sucker Rod

Limited 24-Month Warranty,

Effective for Products and Services Sold After June 1, 2008

Weatherford Completion & Production Systems warrants against defect in material and workmanship the steel sucker rods, pony rods, and couplings manufactured by or licensed for manufacture by Weatherford Completions & Production Systems for a period of two years to the original purchaser of such products.

This warranty will cover the replacement of the defective part including the normal and reasonable well servicing costs directly related to the fishing and rerunning of the rod string to the point of failure only. No other consequential damages shall be the liability of Weatherford Completions & Production Systems.

This warranty does not cover the cost of failures caused by misapplication, improper handling, improper joint makeup, accident, alteration, abuse, or misuse of the steel sucker rods.

Any claim for sucker rod warranty by the original purchaser of the product must be submitted in writing to Weatherford Completions & Production Systems within two (2) years from the original delivery dates of such sucker rod product.

Any such claim submitted shall be accompanied by a sucker rod string design and any other information as required by Weatherford Completions & Production Systems that would be deemed necessary to complete the necessary analysis to determine root cause of any failure.

In the event a dispute would arise, resulting from the findings of such analysis, Weatherford Completions & Production Systems would retain the right to submit the data pertinent to the claim to a qualified third party independent testing lab for analysis. The original purchaser and Weatherford Completions & Production Systems would be bound by the findings of the third party analysis and would agree to share such costs incurred.