SUCKER ROD Problems? TrC can help!

Let us be your partner in the war on sucker rod failures. Since 1996, we have been obsessed with transforming the industry. Our extensive line of products and services are centered around our goal of solving sucker rod related problems. We can manage your entire sucker rod program, putting more time in your day and more money in your bank account.
New Steel Sucker Rods Made to be Remade

TRC Services, Inc. and ChampionX collaborate to produce a new sucker rod focused on ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance)

New steel sucker rod offers long-lasting durability and can be remanufactured repeatedly, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and lowering net costs for customers.

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TRC Services - A History of Excellence

TRC was founded in 1996 by Bob Payne, the inventor of the sucker rod inspection process and founder of Rodco/ICO in the 1970’s, along with a group of other historians in the sucker rod and pipe inspection industry. These historians came out of retirement after realizing there was a great need for an experienced, service-oriented sucker rod company. TRC has maintained a legacy of expertise and innovation from its inception to today, with an eye towards tomorrow. We provide solutions to major and independent oil and gas producers with technically competent, cost effective solutions, giving us the opportunity to add value to your organization with our vast array of products and services.

Remanufactured Sucker Rods
While TRC was founded to inspect sucker rods, we have continually innovated our processes over the years, leading to our ability to remanufacture sucker rods. We feel so strongly about the quality of our remanufactured sucker rods that we issue a written warranty that is longer than any new rod manufacturer’s warranty.

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TRC’s Fiberflex® sucker rods are the only API monogrammed and ISO Certified fiberglass sucker rods in America. Fiberflex® rods have the highest glass content percentage, and the largest outside diameter, translating to the strongest rod body in the industry. All components are made and assembled in the U.S.A.

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New Sucker Rods

Through years of testing to find the best solutions for our customers, TRC has  been a  distributor of many domestic manufactured new sucker rods.

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Pumping Units

Established as a natural extension and complement to the TRC Services, Inc. leading portfolio in the Sucker Rod reclamation and remanufacturing space, TRC Pumping Units, Inc has been formed to deliver the same high value products and services focusing on surface Pumping Units.

TRC Pumping Units provides full portfolio of beam pumping units rebuilt or remanufactured meeting stringent specifications developed to ensure optimal reliability and performance.

TRC Pumping Units

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