At TRC, we believe business sustainability is the management and coordination of environmental, social, and financial considerations to ensure responsible, ethical, and ongoing success for present and future generations. We believe that we are responsible for doing our part to make oil and gas production safer, cleaner, and more efficient for workers, communities, and the environment. We achieve this by focusing on continuous improvement across the full spectrum of ESG parameters as currently accepted by industry sectors and countries, and by constantly updating our strategy.

Our efforts in these areas are a departure from the traditional focus on the bottom line, which evaluates all efforts in terms of short-term effect on profits. While many businesses have viewed sustainability and profits to be in conflict, we believe that TRC’s financial performance, as well as the long-term viability of the oil and gas industry, will require a commitment to sustainability and ethical operations.

The goal of sustainability requires the ability to extend the timeline for return on investment. It also requires a collective approach with our partners and colleagues in the industry to mitigate risks and act decisively to achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions. We believe investments in cleaner and safer processes will lead to better environmental performance, a healthier workforce, strengthened communities and increased profitability.

Similarly, investments in socially ethical practices may initially cost money but we believe they will lead to enhanced talent recruitment and employee engagement and retention, which will contribute to sustainable productivity.

Eric Johnson

President, TRC Services, Inc.


TRC’s Corporate Sustainability Values address the three pillars of sustainability: Environment, Social and Governance.

TRC is fully engaged with the sustainability goals of protecting the environment, and reducing the industry’s carbon footprint, while managing all our entities with the highest ethical standards and sound governance principles. TRC plays an instrumental role in the industry’s efforts to reach net zero status.


TRC is leading the artificial lift segment’s decarbonization efforts. Enhanced and unique in-plant processes lead to the best rod value proposition. By becoming “The Reman Company,” TRC plays a critical role in boosting the circular economy.


TRC’s remanufacturing technologies and pioneering processes allow us to provide a superior product. Through innovation, superior rods and products are delivered, our products meet customer operational needs, help them achieve their environmental goals, and lower their net costs. We master the steel recyclability in our sector.


TRC embraces programs to protect employee and customer wellbeing. By using our products, customers reduce their carbon footprint, and improve the overall quality of life of the communities. TRC plays an instrumental role in the industry’s efforts to reach net zero status.


Managing processes, people, and business in a highly efficient way empowers TRC to endure downturns and the cyclical nature of the oil and gas industry, which allows us to protect jobs and value created. TRC has never closed a plant — not even during the COVID-19 pandemic— has never furloughed employees and has always been ready to serve customers and end-users.

environmental impact of remanufactured sucker rods

In July 2021, a Comparative Lifecycle Analysis (LCA) study was conducted by Global Efficiency Intelligence to evaluate the environmental impacts of new steel sucker rods and remanufactured sucker rods to demonstrate and compare the environmental performance. In the impact categories measured remanufactured sucker rods are clearly superior across all environmental impacts when compared to new steel sucker rods.

If you are a TRC customer and would like to request an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD), please fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

TRC Remanufacturing GHG Avoidance Equivalencies

Equal to 1,807,760,218 miles driven by an average passenger vehicle

Equal to saving 4,433 rail cars’ worth of coal burned

TRC core remanufacturing methods have saved

802,800 tons

of CO2 emissions in the aggregate as of January 2023

Equal to carbon sequestered by 950,062 acres of forest

Equal to saving 90,334,196 gallons of gas consumed

TRC core remanufacturing methods have saved

802,800 tons

of CO2 emissions in the aggregate as of January 2023

Equal to 1,807,760,218 miles driven by an average passenger vehicle

Equal to saving 4,433 rail cars’ worth of coal burned

Equal to carbon sequestered by 950,062 acres of forest

Equal to saving 90,334,196 gallons of gas consumed

TRC ESG Highlights

The environmental benefits of our core remanufacturing methods are profound. As of January 2023, our process has saved 1,446,450,191 kilowatt hours of energy and 3,153,487,183 gallons of water. We have slashed greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to 802,800 tons of CO2.


Founded in 1996, TRC has faced many boom and bust business cycles. We have always placed more value in our people over profits, and layoffs are considered the last resort. From the 2014 peak cycle until the 2020 trough our headcount increased 43% related to organic growth. We are very proud of this unique accomplishment

We encourage all team members to think “outside the box,” and when they succeed, they are handsomely rewarded. We believe our approach explains why we’ve been able to attract and retain the most technically skilled and creative people in the industry.

Research & Development

Research & Development is integral to what we do. Since 1996, TRC has earned many patents and developed several proprietary processes. This includes upgrading our used sucker rod reconditioning service to a proprietary remanufacturing process. Our remanufactured rod has a longer warranty than a new rod. We manufacture the only API-monogrammed fiberglass sucker rod in America and have a patented process for reconditioning used fiberglass rods.

Privately Owned

TRC is a privately owned corporation. Our investment time frame is forever. This better facilitates a strategy that focuses on the sustainability of the business.

We Support Local

Our leadership is committed to use “made in the USA” products and components wherever possible. We believe this policy enhances the sustainability efforts of our vendors and customers.  All of us at TRC take pride of this commitment to choose what is right over what is the cheapest. 


As part of our ongoing commitment to helping the Oil & Gas industry achieve sustainability goals, TRC periodically provides Sustainability Recognition Certificates that details energy, water, and carbon emissions savings.

If you are a TRC customer and would like to request a certificate for your company, please contact us directly or fill out the form at the bottom of this page


TRC remanufacturing strategy focuses on the circular economy

Beyond the technical, operational, and financial benefits TRC’s remanufactured rods offer, we are now quantifying the environmental and sustainability attributes of our remanufacturing process. Continuing our pioneering work, we have launched a Sustainability Recognition program that provides TRC’s customers with valuable carbon reduction information. TRC customers can contact us directly and claim their certificates periodically.

The Corporate Sustainability Statement and these Values and ESG Highlights are at the core of what we do and reflect our business philosophy. We live these principles in our day-to-day operations, in our transactions with end users, and our interactions with the communities where we live and work.

We expect all employees, associates, and vendors to follow these values and principles and to join us on the path to improving our environment and business practices. We believe that by pursuing responsible and ethical ways of conducting our business, we contribute to our customers’ efforts to reach their sustainability and ESG own goals. We are proud to partner with our customers on the sustainability journey since this is a strategic endeavor and critical path for all of us in the oil and gas industry.

    TRC is an active and engaged member of the ESG Committee

    Companies in the energy sector are under greater pressure than ever before to demonstrate a sound ESG position. The Energy Workforce & Technology Council ESG Center for Excellence is leading the way as a comprehensive clearinghouse for ESG resources, training and events. Not only is it considered the ethical thing to do, but investors are weighing ESG criteria when making decisions about where to invest capital.

    TRC is an active member of the Marketing and Membership Committee and the Research & Development Commitee

    TRC recently participated as part of the revision process for the American National Standards Institue (ANSI) Specifications For The Process of Remanufacturing. This standard defines and provides a benchmark for the process of remanufacturing, and establishes specifications that characterize the remanufacturing process and differentiate remanufacturing from other practices.

    Use the form below to contact TRC about receiving sustainabilty certifcates if you are a TRC customer.