Maximizing Efficiency in Your Downhole Operations

TRC’s technicians are highly trained to utilize Echometer’s state-of-the art wireless fluid level and dynamometer testing equipment and the powerful Total Asset Monitoring software. The Echometer equipment provides the basis of TRC’s well analysis service. Well analysis provides a clear picture of the many variables that could impact production and potentially help mitigate lost production due to unexpected equipment failures. We recommend that every well is routinely evaluated to ensure that the well is always producing at optimal levels without damaging equipment.

Well productivity, reservoir pressure, overall efficiency, equipment loading, and well performance are derived from the combination of measurements of surface pressure, acoustic liquid level, and dynamometer cards. These data points allow for an immediate analysis of the well’s operating condition and position TRC to make recommendations in real time that can help you optimize well productivity, and ultimately, maximize production and profitability.

Whether your operation includes one well or many wells, it is easy and economical to implement TRC’s well optimization services. We will work with you to create a plan that makes the most sense based on your needs.

Subscription-based services are available for multiple wells that can significantly reduce the cost per well. This allows for a more robust data set across operations that can help identify best practices.