New Steel Sucker Rods

At some point or another, TRC has inspected and sold sucker rods made by just about every manufacturer that has ever been in business. We have represented every major sucker rod manufacturer as an official distributor. In 2005, we made the decision to represent Weatherford as our primary sucker rod vendor. We made the decision based upon their commitment to support TRC and its customers with exceptional service in terms of delivery of a great product, a commitment to being on-time, and an eagerness to address any problems with urgency.

In addition, Weatherford’s commitment to the product was evidenced by their willingness to hire exceptional industry historians in their marketing, operations, quality control, and training departments. In a short period of time, TRC has become one of Weatherford’s largest sucker rod distributors.

Unless you are purchasing more than $5,000,000 of new sucker rods per year, chances are we can save you money. Regardless of the price, TRC’s new rod warranty is superior to any other offered.

Dealing with TRC on any problem is hassle free. We are always quick to address and resolve all issues. Because TRC sells so many new rods, we are very likely to have what you need in our inventory. And, we will give you a credit on your purchase for any used sucker rods you have to trade-in. Typically, you won’t find anyone offering more for your used rods than TRC.

We keep our large inventory of new sucker rods in Midland, Texas and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. If you have a program requiring an inventory of sucker rods on your location, we can fulfill that requirement. In addition, we have access to inventory at all Weatherford sucker rod locations throughout North America. If you have a need for new sucker rods, we can help. 

TRC Services, INC.

Let us be your partner against the war on sucker rod failures. Since 1996, we have been obsessed with transforming the industry.