Fluid Levels and Dynamometers

Utilizing TRC’s fluid level and dynamometer services is an economic means to learn what is happening downhole in your well. TRC uses state-of-the-art wireless Echometer equipment combined with the powerful Total Asset Monitoring (TAM) software for data acquisition and analysis.

TRC is capable of shooting fluid levels for all forms of artificial lift, including rod lift, gas lift, ESP, PC pump, and plunger lift as well as shut-in wells.

Acoustic liquid level tests help answer the following questions:

  • What is the depth to the top of the liquid?
  • Does liquid exist above the pump?
  • What is the percentage of liquid in the annular fluid column?
  • Does the liquid in the casing annulus restrict production?
  • What is the casing-head pressure? Does it restrict production?
  • Is gas flowing up the annulus? At what rate?
  • What is the maximum production rate available from the well?

Dynamometer tests help answer the following questions:

  • Is the well pumped off?
  • What is the pump intake pressure?
  • What is the pump fillage? And pump displacement?
  • Is there gas interference?
  • What is the current pumping speed?
  • Are the traveling and/or standing valves leaking?
  • Are the maximum and minimum rod loads within limits?
  • What is the well capable of producing?

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