Field Technician Services

Many improper activities can cause sucker rod damage so severe that failure can result in just a few days following initial installation. A well-trained, experienced technician can ensure that proper and consistent procedures are followed when installing your rods.

The minimal expense incurred by having a TRC technician on location is sure to pay off in terms of longer run times without unnecessary downtime, rod replacement, and pulling cost.

To ensure optimal life of your sucker rods, we offer reliable, well-trained technicians to protect your investment. TRC has decades of experience and can perform a variety of critical services, including:

  • Supervising the installation of your steel sucker rods
  • Ensuring fiberglass rods are installed properly and spaced correctly
  • Monitoring and evaluating installation and pulling unit crews
  • Lowering the rods for better pump efficiency
  • Raising the rods from tagging to prevent premature failures
  • Fishing failed rod strings
  • Programming and repairing pump off controllers
  • Fluid level & Dynamometer testing