Field Technician Services

Many improper activities can cause sucker rod damage so severe that failure can result in just a few days following initial installation. The proper and consistent procedures of running sucker rods into a well takes time and should not be a race against the clock. Time spent wisely is sure to pay off in terms of longer run times without unnecessary downtime, lost production, rod replacement, and pulling cost. When running TRC sucker rods, it is necessary to use elevators and rod wrenches that are the right size and in good condition.

To ensure your maximum usage of your sucker rods, we apply our decades of experience installing sucker rods and related equipment to help you maintain production. Reliable, well-trained technicians are provided to protect your investment in pumping unit equipment through installation services that can maximize run time and equipment life-span.

TRC Services, INC.

Let us be your partner against the war on sucker rod failures. Since 1996, we have been obsessed with transforming the industry.