When you pull your fiberglass rod string out of the well, send them to TRC where we will do a complete inspection of your rods and store them until they are ready to be put back into service.

TRC was granted a US patent on our fiberglass inspection process. Scroll down to view what TRC’s inspectin process includes.

Contact us to see if it makes sense for you to inspect the next fiberglass sucker rods you pull from your well.

TRC’S inspection process includes:

Deliveries are counted and assigned a work order number

 Coupling Removal

Cleaning of entire rod from pin end to pin end

Performing a thorough visual inspection of rod

Performing multiple pull tests to ensure rod will hold intended loads

Performing a wet magnetic particle inspection of the endfittings

Measuring and verifying dimensional tolerances

Gaging the endfitting threads

Thread lubricant applied and thread protectors installed

Coating the entire steel endfittings with corrosion inhibitor

Palletizing the fiberglass rods

Demagnetization of the rod

Inspection report itemizing recoveries and rejects