When you pull your fiberglass rod string out of the well, send them to TRC where we will do a complete inspection of your rods and store them until they are ready to be put back into service.

TRC was granted a US patent on our fiberglass inspection process.  Our inspection process includes:

  • Removing the contaminates from the sucker rod,
  • Performing a visual inspection of the entire length of the rod,
  • Gaging the endfittings to ensure they have not swollen or have excessive wear,
  • Gaging the threads
  • Performing multiple pull tests on the sucker rod to ensure they will still hold their intended loads,
  • Performing a black light inspection of the endfittings to ensure there are no cracks in the threads or endfitting,
  • Inhibiting the steel endfittings, and
  • Palletizing the rods.

Contact us to see if it makes sense for you to inspect the next fiberglass sucker rods you pull from your well.

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