Building a sucker rod fence? Save money…buy straight from the source, not a middleman. More sucker rods pass through TRC facilities in a single day than pass through the hands of a typical fence company in a whole year. Using sucker rods is an economical way to build a high quality, stable fence. Depending on your own requirements, the fence may be built using 3/4”, 7/8”, or 1” sucker rods. Sucker rods have proven to be one of the most popular materials used to build fences. They have a variety of uses, including for perimeter fencing, pens, and arenas. We challenge you to find a company that is able to sell you structural sucker rods for a lower price than TRC. 

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Let us be your partner against the war on sucker rod failures. Since 1996, we have been obsessed with transforming the industry.