Total Rod Concepts, Inc., a company in the TRC family of companies, proudly manufacturer’s Fiberflex® fiberglass sucker rods.   Fiberflex® rods are the only fiberglass rods manufactured in the USA which are API monogrammed as well as being API Q1 and ISO 9001 certified.  Simply put, Fiberflex® sucker rods continue to set the standard in the industry.

Why chose Fiberflex®?

  • API certified and monogrammed
  • All components made in the USA
  • Proven reliable endfitting design
  • Total traceability on all components

Key facts

  • Weights approximately 70% less than steel rods
  • Highest tensile strengths available
  • Largest rod body outside diameter in the industry
  • 25-month written warranty is the longest in the industry

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