Unique to the sucker rod reclamation industry, TRC Sucker Rods has assembled a staff of experienced field technicians who can ensure that your sucker rods are properly placed into service. Historically, getting the rods run properly has been difficult at best. In these times, incorporating one of our field service technicians into your standard operating procedures is sound advice. Our customers who have done so, tell us it has been the single best investment they have made in eliminating sucker rod problems. Many of our innovations have been inspired by our field technician team. These field technicians are available to place any new or used rod into service for you, regardless of whether you purchase your rods from TRC.

When you place one of our Field Service Technicians on your location, you can ensure that:


  • Your rods will be properly handled prior to being run down hole. This includes but is not limited to ensuring that there is no physical contact with the rods by items that can nick or ding the rods, such as tools, chains, stakes, or other metal items.
  • The couplings, pins and faces will be clean of lubricants and debris that would interfere with proper make-up. We will dope the threads with TRC Thread Compound to ensure anti-galling and inhibition. This protects the threads from chaffing and corrosion. The compound will cover the entire thread area as a thin film, with no globs of compound being left on the threads. And, we will make certain the face of the shoulder remains clean.
  • When picking up the rod, care will be taken to lessen side load on the rod body and the rods will be tailed in unless provision has been made to keep the rods off the ground and each other. This can be done by layering the rods on timbers and placing plywood between the layers.
  • Each make-up will be initiated with a rod wrench and care will be taken to be sure the threads are fully engaged by at least three threads prior to placing power tongs on the rods. Initially, the torque on the tongs will be calibrated to proper displacement for the particular manufacture and grade of rods being installed. Once this is done, we will card three connections and then card every tenth connection or as conditions dictate. This procedure is followed each time the size, manufacture, or grade changes.
  • Every effort is made ensure that at no time will a tool be placed on the rods or couplings that are being placed in a well that is not specifically designed for the rods. We will recommend that rods or couplings with tool marks on them be discarded.

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