TRC Services, Inc:  Adding Value, One Rod at a Time!

Sucker Rod Rack

In 1996, a group of historians in the sucker rod and pipe inspection industry came out of retirement after realizing that there was once again a great need in the industry for an experienced, service oriented company that had the knowledge and ability to economically manage its customers’ entire sucker rod programs.

The group formed TRC Services Inc. with the purpose of providing solutions to sucker rod problems for major and independent oil and gas producers.

The founders of TRC had a vision that the day would come when production foremen and engineers would call TRC when faced with even the most difficult sucker rod problems with confidence that TRC’s experienced managers would have the know-how to suggest technically competent, cost effective solutions.

We hope that you, too, will give us the opportunity to earn your confidence while adding value to your organization.

What We Do

TRC offers a full array of products and services designed to support you, our customer, in your lifting operations.  The services we offer can become a key to lowering your costs while at the same time eliminating your risks:

  • Rod Reconditioning: We are the only company which reconditions your used rods, increasing their useful life, enabling you to lower your costs while at the same time eliminating your risks.  We are the only company that will give you a warranty on every rod you buy.
  • New Rod Inspection:  The TRC method of new sucker rod inspection virtually eliminates failures caused by defects in workmanship or rod quality, including the sucker rod coupling.  The TRC method will assure the operator that rods have been manufactured to API Section 9 Spec 11B for quality and workmanship.  In addition, our process will reduce the residual stress induced during the manufacturing process, increasing the useful life of the rods and improving their resistance to corrosion problems. The TRC method of new rod inspection is quality assurance.
  • String Design:  TRC has more experience designing sucker rod strings than anyone else in the industry.  We provide an economical solution which will ensure the integrity of your string design.
The products which we offer to compliment our services include:
  • New Sucker Rods
  • Used Sucker Rods
  • Rod Guides
  • Thread Compound

Our Philosophy

Sucker Rod Inspection TruckOur Board of Directors gave our Corporate Officers a single directive...“Transform the sucker rod reclamation industry.” The Board had a Vision “That there would be a day when oil and gas production engineers would call TRC for expert advice on how to lower their lifting cost.”

Our Corporate Officers told our Management teams that they had a Mission...“Provide the very best valued sucker rod…in terms of lowest net cost and longest service life.  Our Management teams devised a Strategy that we believe accomplishes the Mission and will allow us to achieve our Vision.

Separate independent Corporations were formed.  We practice a highly decentralized management style. The presidents of our Corporations are given a great deal of autonomy and have a high level of independent responsibility for their businesses and their performance.

We believe that independent operations are better able to serve you by focusing closely on their products and reacting quickly to your needs. In addition this makes it easier to measure their performance. When our people’s performances exceed expectations, they are handsomely rewarded.

We are all encouraged to “think outside the box.” 

When you do business with TRC, you will be dealing with a single source...eliminating the headache of dealing with multiple, unrelated vendors.  This philosophy will reduce your internal costs, as your price per service will be reduced.  And, accountability becomes very identifiable.

It simply makes sense.  Give yourself more time.  Put more money in your bank.  And, if something goes awry, you won't see any more vendors pointing their fingers at each other!

Give us the authority to help you...and we will shoulder the responsibility.