TRC Technical Developments

When TRC was formed, the driving force behind the company was to redefine the sucker rod reclamation industry.  Not only did we envision the creation of hundreds of small improvements, but we also wanted to develop several major innovations. We continue to look at each individual step in our processes in order to identify potential improvements.  We have implemented multitudes of changes.

The following categories describe some of the more meaningful improvements we have made to the way sucker rods are reclaimed.  In fact, you will see that we do not just reclaim sucker rods any more…we recondition them.  In addition we have included two new innovations; one that extends the useful life of a working string of sucker rods, and one that uses sucker rods in a totally new application. 

 Shot Peener

Shot Peening

Learn why shot peening increases the life of your sucker rods by 50% to 100%.

 Magnetic Normalizing

Magnetic Normalizing

Find out about the unique process TRC uses to ensure that your rods get the most accurate inspection possible.

 Sucker Rod End Area

End Area Magnetic Enhancement

Learn about another TRC innovation which enables us to accurately inspect the end area of your sucker rods.

 Thread Compound

Thread Compound

Learn more about how TRC's proprietary thread compound can help protect your sucker rods' threads.