Sucker Rod Claims Procedures

Problems are never a fun proposition.  But, if you encounter one, TRC wants to make the resolution process the best you will ever experience.

If you have any problem or concern regarding a product or service you purchased from TRC, immediately contact our office or your TRC representative.  We cannot fix it if we do not know about it.

In the event of a rod failure, please do not clean the parts.

Depending on the part which caused the failure, we will need the following to accurately determine the cause:

  • New Rods:  The stamped upset with the heat code and date of manufacture.
  • Body Failures: A minimum of one foot on both sides of the break.
  • Pin Failures: The upset end with the broken pin and the mating coupling, or the pin end with the galled threads and the mating coupling.
  • Coupling Failures:  Both halves and the hole coupling.

Please identify each part with a tag that includes your company name, the lease name and number, and the number of rods from surface to failure.

We will need all of the above plus the information contained in our Claim Form before we can determine the root cause of the failure.  Once you have secured and tagged the parts above, please contact us and we will arrange to have them picked up for our analysis.

It will be helpful in speeding up the claim process if you have our Claims Form complete at the time of pick up since we cannot begin the investigation process until we have that information.  Click here to download our Claim Form.