Rod Guides

Sucker Rod GuidesTRC has teamed up with R&M Energy Systems (R&MES), combining our sucker rod experience and the downhole applications engineering experience of R&MES.  Together, we have created the ideal pumping system.  The system is designed to reduce costly failures caused by well bore deviation and paraffin build-up problem wells.

TRC’s has a long valued history with R&MES, which has utilized our combined experiences in sucker rod inspection and tubing wear mitigation in order to obtain major savings for you, our customer, through greater rod and tubing service life, decreased workover costs and reduced downtime.

R&MES is the innovator of the sucker rod guides and materials used today.  Since 1941, nobody has been able to match R&MES’ guides for solutions to downhole paraffin and wear mitigation.  That is one of the many reasons we made the decision to only furnish R&MES rod guides.

Combined rod string designs from TRC and R&MES’ computer generated 3-D wellbore profiles are used to identify and recommend the correct equipment to solve tubing wear problems.  The Rod Guide Advisory Program (RGAP™) is a rules based program that is used to recommend rod guides for wells with or without a deviation survey.

The latest version of RGAP™ utilizes visual tools, failure analysis, deviation surveys, and several other well factors to recommend the optimum rod guide design.  Rod guide design, placement, and material selection are all crucial for obtaining the best overall performance from the engineered system.

Lease Evaluation Service

With the combined experience of our two companies, we offer a lease at a glance package.  Trained personnel will gather problem well information, run rod string designs, and provide you with the best solution for tubing wear mitigation for your specific applications.

TRC will provide the needed rods and R&MES will furnish guides, rod rotators, tubing rotators and stabilizer bars that are required.

In today’s market, there’s never enough time to focus your attention on all of your demanding duties.

Contact your local TRC representative and we will coordinate your needs with R&MES.  Let the combined expertise of our companies design the ideal pumping system for you.