Used Sucker Rods

Used Sucker RodsTRC is proud to be one of the world’s largest sellers of used sucker rods.

We offer TRC #1 used sucker rods that can be designed for applications as if they were new sucker rods.  In addition, we sell Reconditioned TRC #1 Blem sucker rods that can be utilized in applications at 65% of new sucker rods. 

TRC also offers non-reconditioned structural sucker rods which do not meet the specifications required for use down hole.

All reconditioned sucker rods come with a TRC Limited Warranty, something no other company offers.

Because TRC sells so many sucker rods, chances are good that we have what you want in our inventory.

We also offer credits for any sucker rods you wish to trade-in.  And, because we are one of the largest sellers of used sucker rods, we are typically able to offer you more money on your used rods than you can find elsewhere.

TRC has on-hand a large inventory of used sucker rods in Midland, Texas and Oklahoma City, OK.  We purchase used sucker rods throughout North America.

To learn more, or receive a fast price quote, please contact us.