Sucker Rod Coupling Installation

Sucker Rod Coupling InstallationTRC recommends that you utilize our technicians to install couplings on your strings of rods at our yards prior to transport to your location.  This is a low cost service, which will save you money while at the same time improving the rods’ performance.

Typically a 300 joint rod string can be run 1.5 hours quicker if the couplings have been installed at our yard.  At $300 per hour rig time, you will see a $450 savings per string.  Plus your rig hands will thank you very much…and, keeping a happy rig crew always saves you money.

Since every rod will have a coupling on it, you will also eliminate the times when your boxes of couplings are short.  How many times has this shut down the rig while the search is on for a replacement of the missing coupling?

And, since your couplings will not be thrown or drug through the dirt and mud, the chances of galling the threads will be virtually eliminated.

It simply makes sense to use our low cost, coupling installation service.