Sucker Rod Reconditioning

Sucker Rod ReconditioningWhen TRC was formed, our Board challenged our managers to redefine the sucker rod reclamation industry.  They told us to find better methods and a more reliable way to inspect each rod…not for the purpose of increasing the reject rate, but to give the inspector the confidence needed to do a proper inspection job.

They wanted the old saying “when in doubt, kick it out” eliminated from our vocabulary.  Once the good sucker rods had been identified, they told us to find a way to decrease the residual stresses which had built up in the rod.  The mission was to significantly increase the life of each rod that passed inspection.

Before TRC entered the sucker rod reclamation business, the goal of the industry was to extend the useful life of a used sucker rod string by inspecting each rod to determine if it was fit for use.  If not, the rod was eliminated from the string and the balance was re-run downhole.  Over time, the reject rate climbed.  It was not uncommon to see reject rates of 60% to 70%.  This is why charging for rejects was introduced into the market...not a very economical proposition.  As a result, the industry shifted their focus away from rod reclamation and towards buying used sucker rods, inspecting those rods and reselling them back to the end users.

TRC is changing the industry.  By developing new, innovated processes, TRC's historical (weighted average) reject rate stands at 39%.  And, we are the only company that extends the life of your rods by 50% to 100% by greatly reducing the amount of residual stress in the rods. By using our services, it now makes economic sense to reclaim your used sucker rods.  Typically, you will see a 50% savings over purchasing a string of new sucker rods.

And, TRC is the only company in the industry that does not charge you for rejected rods.

We feel so strongly about the quality of the TRC Method that we are the only company in the industry that issues a written warranty on every rod we sell for downhole use. 

By using TRC, you will:

  • Typically recover 50% more of your rods;
  • Extend the life of non-rejected rods by 50% to 100%; and,
  • Receive a written warranty on every rod we recondition for you.

What more could we offer?

We really encourage you to take the time to come to our plant for a tour so we can show you what makes TRC different.  We are a reconditioning company…not a reclamation company.  To view our sucker rod and coupling inspection process, please click here.