Ralph Stark, TRC Sucker RodsRalph Stark

President, TRC Rod Services of Texas, Inc.
Board of Directors, TRC Rod Services of Texas, Inc.


Q.  Why did you decide to make an investment in TRC?

A.  I had often thought about what it would be like to run my own business or be involved with starting a business from the “ground up.” After spending most of my adult life working for other people, I saw TRC as this opportunity. When I looked at the TRC group, the years of experience coupled with a proven concept, it made my decision to leave the relative comfort and security of a larger company much easier.

Q.  How has your investment in TRC turned out?

A.  Well we are still a work in progress in many ways. In the past two years we have gone from a piece of raw land that we shared with jack rabbits and a covey or two of quail to a full reconditioning facility with around 15 employees. Like most two year olds, we often run when we should walk. But as I mentioned, with the support staff I have to work with at TRC and of course the current oil prices, we get closer to our goals and objectives each and every day.

Q.  What gives you the greatest pride in TRC?

A.  As I mentioned before, when I stop and reflect back on what we have built and accomplished in a relatively short period of time, I am amazed. Equally if not more impressive is the group of individuals I have the good fortune to work with. Good people make all the difference in the world.

Q.  When you are not working on behalf of TRC, how do you spend your time?

A.  Well I am fortunate and blessed to have been married to my high school sweetheart for almost 34 years. We have two daughters that both reside in Austin. With three women in the family I learned a long time ago to spend my spare time as they see fit.

Q.  If you only had a few moments to tell someone about TRC, what would you say?

A.  TRC attempts each and everyday to demonstrate to our customers and potential customers that we are customer driven. This single minded approach to attempt to understand the customer’s problems and help him or her to identify possible solutions and corrective measures provides TRC with the opportunity to demonstrate that our interest in his or her business extends beyond the next order.