Don Heck, TRC Sucker RodsDon Heck

President, TRC Rod Services of Oklahoma, Inc.
Board of Directors, TRC Rod Services of Oklahoma, Inc.


Q.  Why did you decide to make an investment in TRC?

A.  After seeing a team of principals assembled with over 160 years experience in the sucker rod reclamation and inspection business, it was easy to make the decision to invest in TRC.   I knew the reputation of each of the individuals involved in forming the business.  And, I had first-hand knowledge that the company considered the leader in the industry at the time had lost its focus.  It was obvious to me that TRC could and would be successful.

Q.  How has your investment in TRC turned out?

A.  After the downturn of 1998, growth in the investment has occurred in each year.  And, of course, the last couple of years have been phenomenal.

Q.  What gives you the greatest pride in TRC?

A.  I take the most pride in a couple of things at TRC.  I am proud that TRC is saving our customers more money through reduced lifting costs than they will ever spend with us.  I am also proud that TRC is a company that has been able to provide gainful employment to individuals that are bettering themselves and their families.

Q.  When you are not working on behalf of TRC, how do you spend your time?

A.  I don’t know if it is a case of just enjoying a project or if you call it an investment.  But, my wife and I buy run-down lake properties and invest our time and money into improving their condition and value.  And, since the lake is so handy to our projects, we enjoy boating.  And, when time allows, I do a little fishing and hunting.

Q.  If you only had a few moments to tell someone about TRC, what would you say?

A.  TRC Rod Services is a company that serves the Oil & Gas Industry.  We have over 200 years experience in reconditioning and inspecting sucker rods and couplings.  State-of-the-art technology coupled with experience enables TRC to assure its customers quality service and products that truly lower our customers’ lifting cost.