Larry Crews, TRC Sucker RodsLarry Crews

Board of Directors, TRC Services, Inc.
Board of Directors, TRC Rod Services of Oklahoma, Inc.
Board of Directors, TRC Rod Services of Texas, Inc.


Q.  Why did you decide to make an investment in TRC?

A.  The main reason for the investment in TRC was Bob Payne and a team of individuals with many years of experience in the sucker rod business were available to start the new business.  After talking with Bob about the sucker rod business, it became clear that the business could provide a very good return on the investment without a lot of risk.  As in any business, the people involved in the business provide a good return or a bad return, and Bob had some excellent people available to join him at TRC.

Q.  How has your investment in TRC turned out?

A.  Returns on the investment have been very good, and the people have exceeded all my expectations in how they run the business, their passion for the business and the goals they have achieved.

Q.  What gives you the greatest pride in TRC?

A.  I think the greatest pride I have in TRC is the character of the people within the business.  You learn a lot about people when you see them perform in the very good times and the very bad times.  We have suffered through some bad times and enjoyed some good times at TRC, and the people really stepped up when called upon to make tough decisions in the bad times and did not go crazy in the good times.

Character also shows up in how a company treats its employees, vendors and customers, and in this respect, TRC has made all of us very proud.  These things caused me to gain a lot of confidence in the people at TRC.

Q.  When you are not working on behalf of TRC, how do you spend your time?

A.  Most of my time is spent at Centrax International Corp. where I am continually looking for good investments.  Businesses like TRC are hard to find or develop, but I find it interesting to continue searching for the right business at the right price. My “relax time” is spent with my wife and three sons.  The boys were all involved in sports, and my wife and I really enjoy almost all types of sports.

Q.  If you only had a few moments to tell someone about TRC, what would you say?

A.  I would tell them that TRC is a business that is made up of experienced and dedicated people that will always be truthful in their dealings with their customers and vendors.  The proof is in the number of new customers that do business with TRC each year compared to the very few customers that are lost each year.  I would invite anyone to talk with some of their customers, vendors and employees to verify the feelings I have for the people at TRC.