Meet Our Founders

Bob Payne, TRC Sucker RodsBob Payne
President, TRC Services, Inc.

"After 11 years, TRC is the only company that shot peens the sucker rod before inspection.  TRC is the only company with a written warranty on its rods for 1 year downhole.  And, we stand behind our warranty."  more>>



Mike Johnson, TRC Sucker RodsMike Johnson
Board of Directors, TRC Services, Inc.

"I am very proud of the fact that virtually every expectation we had when we formed TRC has been met and most have been exceeded.  I think that it is a very unique accomplishment and I am very proud to have played a small part in achieving these types of results."  more>>



Larry Crews, TRC Sucker RodsLarry Crews
Board of Directors, TRC Services, Inc.

"TRC is a business that is made up of experienced and dedicated people that will always be truthful in their dealings with their customers and vendors.  The proof is in the number of new customers that do business with TRC each year compared to the very few customers that are lost each year." more>>



Don Heck, TRC Sucker RodsDon Heck
President, TRC Rod Services of Oklahoma, Inc.

"We have over 200 years experience in reconditioning and inspecting sucker rods and couplings.  State-of-the-art technology coupled with experience enables TRC to assure its customers quality service and products that truly lower our customers’ lifting cost." more>>



Ralph Stark, TRC Sucker RodsRalph Stark
President, TRC Rod Services of Texas, Inc.

"When I stop and reflect back on what we have built and accomplished in a relatively short period of time, I am amazed. Equally if not more impressive is the group of individuals I have the good fortune to work with."  more>>